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Public Records from Town of Pittsford, April 5, 2012

April 6, 2012

Some Sunshine from the Sunshine Town about Town Manager activities with Reunion Power.  Click on the link to read public records about Reunion Power’s Wind Project and activity between Town Managers of Pittsford, Castleton and West Rutland about hiring a lawyer and negotiating a host town agreement.

Pittsford Public Records

Some excerpts:

John Haverstock, Pittsford Town Manager, Feb. 24, 2012:

“He [Steve Eisenberg of Reunion Power] hopes that any host town agreements could be negotiated before he submits any application, as the Public Service Board will want to know about the likely economic benefits to host communities as part of its analysis. Host town revenues from the project were discussed, in the abstract.”

Charles Jacien, Castleton Town Manager, Feb. 27, 2012:

“We should also think about a joint executive session with our boards to discuss the same. Here in castleton we may have 3 new board members who really do not know much about this. I am assuming we 3 are ok with wind and its impacts. If so we have to be proactive in getting the best deal for our taxpayers.”

Mary Ann Goulette, West Rutland Town Manager, March 28, 2012:

“Yeah, you always hear from the nay sayers first I guess.  They have lots of misinformation, that’s why I’ve been pushing for a site plan.”

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