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Wind not right for Pittsford

April 15, 2012

Published: April 14, 2012

Grandpa’s Knob and the Pittsford ridgeline will be destroyed forever if Reunion Power is permitted to further infiltrate our beautiful state and build wind turbines.

Wind power is one of the most destructive methods used to elicit a disproportionately small and unreliable amount of electric power, but with a massive payoff to the wealthy financiers.

The flawed technology involved with wind power is devastating to our environment — fauna, flora and water systems will be adversely impacted, plus the horrendous effects to human beings in general.

Approximately 1 million pounds of explosives and massive equipment will leave the ridgeline of the mountain range in the most unsightly condition one can imagine. The Lemptster, N.H., wind tower project, recently completed, has neighboring residents deserting their properties — with no prospect of ever recovering their property values. To hear the sound of these turbines, to go: “Lempster N.H. wind turbines, only wind — YouTube.”

Think of our mountain range with a 20-plus-mile area of no hunting or trespassing zones along the perimeter of the project. The constant noise from 180-mile-per-hour blades will disturb you and your animals for a long distance either side of the wind turbines. The “flicker effect” produced by the spinning blades and the sun will make you dizzy.

Although the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (Eric Sorenson, ANR community ecologist) has stated that there are “significant concerns with the project and that this may not be an appropriate site for wind development because of natural community and habitat fragmentation issues.” However, the financiers continue behind the scenes to implement plans that will decimate our beautiful mountain range.

Visit for more information.

The financiers have scheduled a presentation at the West Rutland Town Hall on Monday, May 14, at 6 p.m. This is open to the public.

West Rutland

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