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Bottom line on wind power

June 5, 2012


Bottom line on wind power
June 05,2012

If we allow our ridgelines to be blasted and turned into industrial zones, fully nullifying Vermont’s principle asset — its beautiful landscape;

If we permit the (permanent?) destruction of our ridgelines which are habitat vital to birds, wildlife and human recreation;

If we sacrifice the health, lives and property values of large numbers of residents who live in proximity to these turbines;

If we know that it is now a recognized fact that they are not economically viable (except for a very few);

If we now know that large wind turbines have a short life and are subject to fire and mechanical failure;

If authorities like VELCO say that currently and for the foreseeable future there is an abundance of power in Vermont as well as all of New England;

If we know that government subsidies, tax credits, etc., are coming to an end, resulting in the inevitable financial failure of many wind power companies;

If communities surrounding our ridgelines are overwhelmingly oppose;

Then the bottom line is: How could anyone in authority be so unconscionable and approve these projects?


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  1. Lisa Sheridan permalink
    June 6, 2012 2:31 am

    I’m up for a fight. What should we do?

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