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Ridge development will be topic

June 5, 2012


Ridge development will be topic
June 05,2012

The Castleton Planning Commission will host an informational hearing on ridgeline development, this coming Thursday, June 7, beginning at 7 p.m. at the Jeffords Center auditorium at Castleton State College.

The commission feels it is important for citizens to be heard on this general subject and at length, so that public opinion can be a guide in enhancing the Castleton Town Plan; our current town plan gives no guidance on ridgeline development.

The specific topic of immediate concern of course, is the Reunion commercial wind power project proposed for the Taconic range ridgeline from Grandpa’s Knob going north through territories of Castleton, West Rutland, Pittsford and Hubbardton.

While we are particularly interested in Castleton citizens’ thoughts and opinions, all interested citizens from the affected communities or beyond are more than welcome and will be heard. We are all neighbors in this.

Please pass the word so that everyone who wants to, can speak their mind.


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