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Sunshine in Pittsford and West Rutland, not so much in Castleton

June 15, 2012

Public Records requests about the Grandpa’s Knob Wind project have been made in Pittsford, West Rutland and Castleton.  Similar records, including emails between the three Town Managers, were provided by Pittsford and West Rutland.  Castleton has provided no emails in response to the public records request.

Read the West Rutland public records here: West Rutland Public_Records

Read the recent public records from Pittsford here: Pittsford Public Records May 29, 2012 (see previous posts for Pittsford’s public records provided earlier this year)

An excerpt from correspondence between the Town Managers that raises the question, “are they working for the towns or are they working for Reunion Power?”:

In an e-mail dated May 4 from John Haverstock to Mary Ann Goulette and Charles Jacien, the following was stated:

“Reunion has asked to meet next week to begin discussions about a Host Agreement(s).   I propose that we hold off on any discussions untila AFTER they have made their presentations to the various towns.  I’m thinking that the following timeline makes sense:

1.  Reunion makes its presentations to each of the four towns’ Select Boards;
2.  The Towns then (either together or separately) negotiate host agreement(s) with Reunion.  (All of our advice so far says the towns will want to negotiate the best terms possible, in the event that the PSB approves the project, even if the Town chooses to oppose the project).  Reunion has said it wants the agreements in place before filing its Act 248 application.
3.  Some or all of the four towns hold referenda on the proposal, with the Towns providing voters with a factual summary of the proposal AND an analysis as to whatever implications negotiated revenue streams would mean for resident’s tax burdens.
4.  The towns then count the votes and compare notes on whether they want to act in concert or go their separate ways on the project.

Please let me know whether you agree with this approach, as I’d like to speak with Reunion today, if possible, as they had asked for a meeting early next week…

I plan to summarize today’s meeting with legal counsel by Monday.


John Haverstock
Pittsford Town Manager”

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