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Welcome change in position

June 27, 2012
Welcome change in position
June 27,2012

I read your June 22 editorial with great relief. It was not long ago, 2008-2009, that the town of Ira was engaged in a battle with industrial wind. The editor took his children for a ride in those beautiful hills and felt that the towers wouldn’t disturb those rolling Taconic ridgelines one bit. As I remember, he thought that the whole project would not be as visually disturbing as some of the mobile homes that he saw along his drive.

In this latest editorial, I see a softening of position. While this editor is still in favor of ridgeline industrial development, he isn’t proposing that these 500-foot towers might be pleasant to view. The editor has also learned to hold his tongue in regards to other Vermonters’ housekeeping. Along with this softening and reticence, I see that the editor has developed an interest in Vermont history.

So to return to my opening sense of relief, I believe that the editor is becoming a Vermonter. I can hardly agree with his present stand on industrial wind, but I have had many more years, generations even, to absorb the wisdom of this place. I commend the editor’s progress and wait hopefully.


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