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The lessons of Hubbardton

July 10, 2012

The lessons of Hubbardton
July 14,2012

I stood in absolute awe and watched the excellent re-enactment of the Battle of Hubbardton. To think of the great courage of these few brave men, fighting an extremely superior British force is absolutely amazing. They greatly delayed and confused the British, which led to their eventual defeat.

After the re-enactment as I stood in the freedom that they so bravely gave me, in this truly pristine place, with the beautiful Pittsford Ridge, looming and unspoiled above, mixed emotions of joy and sadness overtook me.

Joy in the fact that this one sacred and pristine revolutionary war battlefield still exists.

Sadness when I think that the silentness of this battlefield could be forever gone by the intrusion and noise of these huge windmills. To think that the destruction and devastation of this sacred ridge, where the remains of some of the brave men may still lie, is absolutely absurd.

How could any greedy inconsiderate corporate giant claim that this is for the public good? All governmental leaders, legislators, and citizens should show some of the courage of the brave men who died here and stop this.


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