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Industrial wind needs discourse

August 4, 2012

Industrial wind needs discourse
July 25,2012
Rachel Ross’s contention that we not have a discussion on whether we build wind turbines on ridgelines because we are at 392 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is both fatuous and dangerous. Wrecking our defining natural resource is a Pyrrhic endeavor. It is indisputable that only about 5 percent of Vermont’s carbon dioxide emissions come from electrical use.

The collateral damage to our water resources and well-documented and increasingly understood human health risks should give all citizens great concern if these projects go through. The recent outstanding pieces in the Herald speak eloquently to the gross financial and environmental injustice that is perpetrated on communities that are victimized by industrial wind. A proto-fascist dictum that in Vermont “we must do everything (no questions asked)” will have a far more destructive impact on our state if we are to conduct our public policies in a way that precludes a rational discourse and understanding of our choices in creating a renewable energy future.

There is no evidence that ridgeline wind turbines decrease greenhouse gas emissions. However the massive amount of fossil fuels that are utilized to construct these turbines and their sites certainly are increasing Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions.


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