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Inhumane wind turbines

August 4, 2012

July 26,2012
Before Ms. Ross (Letters, July 21) asks Reunion Power to install a 500-food wind factory in her back yard, I suggest that she and anyone else who’s considering it and thinks that industrial wind is green to and see some alternatives.

Notwithstanding that it took 350 million years to form the Taconic Mountains and the life expectancy of a wind turbine is 20 years, people worldwide are suffering from these inhumane and inhuman-sized objects in their environments. The rush to build is probably due to the tax credits, of which there are many, that may expire in December 2012. Thus, the rush for green (energy) is encouraged by the green(back).

So before you condemn your neighbors to a living hell, think about Bill McKibben ( and jet setters Al Gore and Peter Shumlin and the amount of carbon dioxide they are putting into the atmosphere.

And I doubt that anyone biked to Bali to the first conference on global warming.


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