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Don’t spoil pristine ridges

August 11, 2012
August 08,2012
Vermont is a beautiful, unspoiled place to live. This is so partly because of our tough stand on height of buildings, no billboards, and keeping the quality of life for wildlife as well as residents.

However, now the quality of our lives and that of generations to come is being jeopardized. Our health, homes and that of our wildlife is in danger.

Why? Windmills. They are a 493-foot atrocity on top of our pristine ridges. They will blast with many tons of dynamite, wiping out countless dens, burrows, and homes to our most precious wildlife. This ridge is home to the bald eagle, bears, bobcats, and flora such as lady slipper, jack-in-the-pulpit, and other endangered species.

The vibrations, shadows and flashing lights cause equilibrium problems, seizures and other health and psychological issues.

The blasting on a shale rock could cause many family’s water supplies to be rerouted or diminished.

Please don’t let this happen to our state. Stop these carpetbaggers. Recently Steve Eisenberg, CEO of Reunion Power, published in the Rutland Herald an article insinuating that Bill Greene was a liar and embellisher of facts. I guess Mr. Eisenberg doesn’t know Vermonters as well as he thinks (a previous article called Vermonters uninformed and stupid). Bill is a Vermonter, taking time to get the facts, weighing personal gain versus public and nature’s good. He made an informed decision and shared information in an honest forthright presentation. Mr. Eisenberg – this is the Vermont way. We don’t rush into things. We believe our God-given gifts are to be cherished and protected. “It is ultimately the land and the people who nurtured its journey that encapsulates Vermont’s essence of place in its authentic, unedited and endearing self.” (Vermont website)


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  1. Vanessa permalink
    August 11, 2012 10:01 pm

    I appreciate the Rickerts’ letter, as we should bring to the light the fact that investment banker/ridgeline developer Steve Eisenberg has insulted Bill & Peggy Greene, and Derek Saari as well. But these insults are in line with Eisenberg’s actions in this entire process thus far, beginning with how he disregarded the ANR’s very initial statement about the risks to the region that cannot be mitigated, to the environment, its components (natural resources, wildlife, & human).
    The Lowell project is a grievous folly. I appreciate any effort made to raise awareness to this fact. And I appreciate any effort, any position taken, that opposes the Pittsford Ridge suffering the same fate.
    The Greenes and Mr Saari likely knew there would be repercussions from Reunion Power by opting out of the lease agreement. The whole process of being courted by this developer was challenging, no doubt. There are a few landowners who stood firm, and said no, in the face of this developer even before Mr Green wrote his powerful letter for the public to understand; even before Eisenberg retaliated with disrespect and publically-issued insults.
    Opposition to “green-cloaked” ridgeline development is, to paraphrase activist Steve Wright, “….about the state. It’s about the Green Mountains,” (or in our case, the Taconics).
    “It’s about Vermont’s signature image. It’s about the core of the economy. It’s about EFFECTIVE climate change, not about wasted money and wasted mountains on methods that don’t work.”

  2. Colleen Kennedy permalink
    August 11, 2012 10:53 pm

    Well said! Keep Vermont BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. ed wolfe permalink
    August 13, 2012 8:33 am

    You can bet your foliage dollars ,that visitors will not want to see turbines on the ridge tops!!!
    Then again I can see bus trips to see them . NOT

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