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Bird Genocide at wind sites

August 13, 2012

August 13,2012

In Europe they call it “Bird Genocide at Industrial Wind Sites.” In Germany alone 382,000 birds were destroyed by wind farms. Included in this study where birds of prey and smaller birds. In Spain in 2002, it is estimated that 11,200 birds of prey, 350,000 bats and 3 million small birds have been killed. A single turbine kills 20 to 40 birds per year. Spain has 25,000 turbines and at 20 kills per turbine this results in 500,000 birds killed. Multiply that by 30 years and that amounts to 15 million in Spain alone.

As a resident of West Rutland and the proposed industrial wind development on Grandpa’s Knob, not only will we have an ecosystem completely destroyed but as in the European study countless birds including migrating birds will be destroyed. It is a scientific fact that birds of prey hunt on mountain ridges. The US Fish and Wildlife Service states that wind towers should not be near wetlands or other areas of bird or bat concentration. It is also illegal in the US to kill migrating birds.

We all have a vested interest in protecting our wildlife. Peregrine falcons were recently removed from the endangered species list in 2005. Given that peregrine falcons use the ridgelines to hunt, as do other struggling and endangered raptor species, industrial wind projects could halt or reverse the progress that has been made in their comeback.

Pat Trepanier
West Rutland

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  1. August 13, 2012 9:37 pm

    From my back yard, gotta love it, but i don’t believe all the doom and gloom, accept for when we talk about running out of oil and have no more energy systems because of old farts and eco-nuts blocking the path of the future.

  2. Vanessa permalink
    August 17, 2012 12:19 am

    To Chris Colm: People are fighting for their homes and properties and health and very standard-and-quality of, even WAY of life in all of this. I invite you to do some extensive research on Industrial Wind development itself, and more specifically on such development upon ridgelines, as many of us have. Look into some of Dr. Ben Luce’s recent work. With all due respect, the ‘gloom and doom’ label is a mere convenience that might suggest an unwillingnmess to dig a bit deeper than the surface of marketing psychology. We cannot afford to be less than well-informed about such a huge and pivotal impact to the region. We ALL should be concerned with the very real issues of global warming. Dumping time and tax dollars while destroying envirnoments that buffer CO2 emissions and act as ancient & natural erosion control is NOT the way to solve the global warming crisis. I believe only about 5% of our state’s co2 emissions come from electricity production—- our emssions mostly come from our modes and methods of transportation. Here’s an area we need to be willing to be accountable in. That’s a tough one, right? Conservation, reduction, revisions of our culture’s views on transportation will make a significant impact but much of that takes investment of indiviuals to affect personal change and commitment and open-mindedness and communities pulling together. Ridgeline development, at its least, adds NOTHING to THAT option’s equation! In fact, ridgeline industrial wind development does much to undermine if not obliterate all aspects (that is: conservation, reduction, revisions of transportation culture, cohesive community) of it!
    Go ahead: Color me an eco-nut. I’ll wear your label. But you might consider be willing to realize this is all much more complex than what that inadequate, tired labeling covers. I strongly suggest you look into just for starters. At this point in our time on Earth, none of us can afford to be lulled into feeling like we’re passively ‘doing something’ about the problems while sitting back and supporting the WRONG kind of ‘green!’

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