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What Candidates Think Of Wind

November 3, 2012

Videos from a recent candidates’ forum

Steve Carr
Butch Shaw
Seth Hopkins

November 03,2012 – The Rutland Herald

I wish to thank the Brandon Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring a candidate’s forum at the Town Hall. It was very informative and well attended.

At the forum, my question to the candidates was concerning the industrial-scale wind development in Vermont and the proposed moratorium. Since I had originally talked to these candidates four months ago on this issue, I expected an opinion from them. Mr. Hopkins and Mr. Shaw support the moratorium and oppose industrial-scale wind development. Mr. Carr is still studying the issue.

Our town needs to be aware of the threat to our neighbors to the south and west. The four towns of Pittsford, Hubbardton, Castleton and West Rutland have been working long and hard to educate people as to the problems associated with industrial-scale wind development on our ridges. Mountaintops in Vermont are fragile and provide us with watershed, animal corridors and habitat, bird habitat, recreational uses, timber harvest and erosion control as well as magnificent views. The health concerns of the people who live near these monstrosities are being borne out in areas that have already been decimated. Nowhere has it been shown that these are cost-effective. The only ones to gain are the developers who are racing against the clock to get these approved so they can line their pockets.

I personally have seen the destruction of a beautiful mountain in Lowell. I am sickened at seeing what we have lost. I am concerned as to the health affects and quality of life for the people who live there. Why wouldn’t a moratorium be appropriate and necessary at this time?

I ask my legislators as well as those in other towns to learn about this issue and support a moratorium.



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