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Pittsford Ridge Landowner Termination of Easement Agreement

November 28, 2012

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  1. Vanessa permalink
    December 9, 2012 10:16 pm

    A third termination has solidified. HUGE THANKS to the landowners who made these terminations happen. Thanks to those who truly wrestled with the huge, pivotal decisions and weighed out the issues, and made the choice to protect the ridge, the land and the people. This was not an easy process to come thru for any of them, to be sure! Heartfelt thanks to Derek Saari and to Bill and Peggy Greene. There are many lives and lands who stood to be potentially impacted, and we are all so grateful for the course these things took! Thanks espceially to the one involved who has spent many, many exhaustive hours writing and researching and compiling, and to those who have worked with him.

    I would only wish that the governor could be shaken from his blind and corrupted agenda to consider the code of conduct for the developers, at the very LEAST. But before that, I’d wish that the AG’s office could consider with due diligence the 180 pp fraud report prepared and filed against Reunion Power LLC, etc.

    When we bear witness to what has happened to Don & Shirley Nelson who fight for their
    property rights, regarding land that was secured-by-stealing and this was done by Green Mountain Power/Gaz Metro, we understand the outrage. We begin to understand about what Shumlin and Mary Powell sealed the deal! When we watch Blittersdorf try to sue an
    84 year old woman and her family for being present on their own land, during a time when Blittersdorf’s blasting should not even be occurring, we begin to comprehend that the nature of these high-speed installation processes are about deadlines and tax credits, NOT about safety, setbacks, Vermonters rights & rightful compensations. NOT about ‘community’ nor the humans within these ‘human stories’ of those most impacted. When we witness the documented evidence of flyrock within close proximity to personal property and also said flyrock leaving marks on trees, we begin to see. When we watch turbine trucks tip their gargantuan cargos on Vt roadways and also clip buildings in towns through which they travel, we understand how ill-conceived, unprepared and slip-shod has been the forethought (but can it really even be called ‘forethought’?!?!) and the conduct that is NOT being given due and proper gravity!
    When we see that 32 noise complaints from Lowell represent people who will have to suffer quality-of-life issues for the life of this project unless developers are held accountable, we can understand! When we hear of the young family in Sheffield who has been advised by their doctor to protect their young childrens’ health and cognitive development by MOVING from their (off-the-grid! ahem!) HOME, we can begin to realize how real lives will feel deeply impacted by grossly inadequate, poorly enforced, and so-called protective measures regarding siting & setback issues!

    These developers don’t HAVE a code of conduct and it seems they can operate as speed & time dictates, period. Communtiies and people and intact ecosystems/land/natural resources be damned! Let’s have the PSB hit them HARD! Put the “Public SERVICE’ back in the PSB. It is not the Public Disenfranchisment Board!
    Let’s have Vermonters protected and developers be made accountable to them. Let’s have towns dictate in their town plans what is right for them; and not have these merely seen as being open-for-interpretation by a developer or investor or corporation (who funds the governor & other established politcians), and who is out to cash in on the aptly named ‘goldrush to renewables’. Lack of conduct and lack of enforcement to accountability
    leads to the very thing we have happening to Vermont and her mountains, where the developers and investors are scrambling to scoop up the $$$$$$$ before the jig is up and the tax credits dry up.

    Let’s also implore our elected representatives, our elected legislators, to stand up for the people and NOT to simply slip behind Shumlin, NOT to simply fall in with his march over the state’s mountains. This kind of development and ‘economic growth’ is not right for Vermont. There are better answers and different courses of action. and we need to get busy. And not distracted and diverted any longer. RIDGELINE DESTRUCTION IS NOT THE ANSWER!

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