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Tide turning against wind

January 4, 2013

Opinion | Letters | Rutland Herald

January 03,2013

Wind power has been called a contentious issue among residents around the county.

Hubbardton held a townwide vote in which residents rejected Reunion Power’s wind project 94-6. That’s not contentious. That’s more like unanimous. My little town voted down the monstrous, useless project proposed on Herrick, three to one.

In towns where people will actually be affected by a wind project, folks get educated on the issue, and they take action.

I’m not going to drone on about what Steve Eisenberg said in his six-point letter except to say that out of his six points the only thing that was true was half of point six. It is true that the Agency of Natural Resources determined that water quality would not be hurt by the construction of the Sheffield wind project. However, no baseline studies were done of biota in those streams. So it’s a weak conclusion, which other experts disagree with. Not long after, one Sheffield turbine leaked 50 gallons of oil over a 200-foot radius around its base. That couldn’t have been good for the delicate little trout growing in those high mountain streams. I’d also like to note that Leila LaRosa, the communications coordinator for the ANR, used to work for First Wind, which is the developer who built the project.




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  1. Jim Wiegand permalink
    January 5, 2013 1:42 pm

    Some thoughts on wind power and mortality from a Wildlife Biologist……….If anyone thinks for one second that the wind industry has been forthcoming and honest about their mortality impacts to birds and bats, consider these two astounding facts; (1) There has been an ongoing slaughter of golden eagles in Texas that has never been disclosed. 2) Over the 30 plus years of operation at Altamont Pass, approximately 35 bats have been reported killed by their wind turbines. This works out to about one bat per year being killed by thousands of turbines over an area of 86 square miles. The true number could be 5000 or it could be 500,000. Or maybe even the worst has happened; the Horay Bat might have even been wiped out from this region.

    One thing is certain you will NEVER hear the truth from the wind industry or the USFWS.

    Most people have no idea how devastating these turbines really are because after word got out about Altamont pass, the industry tightened security and changed everything about their operations to hide impacts. This is the primary reason extensive gag orders are now written into their contracts all across America.

    These are shocking truths about an industry many embrace. An industry built on fraud and deceptive marketing. Vermont is in the process of putting a 3 year moratorium on wind projects. The rest of the nation needs to follow.

    Let’s imagine for a minute that I was running the USFWS and I was not allowing this agency to cover for the wind industry. We would have an accurate count of all the whooping cranes in Texas along with the sub adults and juveniles so real condition of this population could be disclosed to the public. After all over 200 are missing from this population and there are now thousands of deadly wind turbines that litter their habitat.
    I would have USFWS personnel responsible for checking the GPS transponders on whooping cranes, checking on their well being every 6 hour period during daylight hours. Presently the whooping cranes are not checked on unless there is a lack of movement for 24 hours. This huge gap gives a wind farm more than enough time to move any dead whooping cranes.
    I would have every gag order ever written into a wind industry dismissed under eminent domain laws for the sake of protecting our natural resources. It should an easy matter because is all too obvious that the extinction of wildlife and destruction our natural resources are far more valuable to our society and future than the small amount energy produced from wind turbines.
    With the gag orders out of the way a complete investigation would be conducted into the history of operating wind farms. There would be interview after interview and polygraphs tests given to the biggest weasels that have worked at wind farms. I would concentrate on the wind farms located in the habitat of endangered species.
    I would have a federal law passed so it would be a felony to conceal the death of any protected species killed at a wind farm. Owners that profited from the concealment of bodies would lose their land much in the same way a drug dealer does. I would also have rewards, big rewards because we would be fishing for big fish.
    I would initiate a series of truly constructive wildlife studies to determine the cumulative damage that has been done by these wind turbines. Not one of any of the so called experts that worked on bogus wind industry studies would be a part of any of these new studies. I would set up a DNA data bank that would prove to the world that eagles and other species killed at wind farms were being killed from populations thousands of miles away. The USFWS is already in custody of many such carcasses. Analyzing these carcasses which would be a good way to get started.
    I would have cadaver dogs searching wind farm properties for buried carcasses that were hidden from the world. Some locations in particular I would bet would have body dump sites that look like the Auschwitz.
    I would try not to ask for the help of congress because their time is much better spent investigating really important matters like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Rodger Clemens.
    Yes, it would feel pretty good to send in a Dirty Harry and kick some wind industry asses. God knows they sure need it. But justice usually only happens on the big screen. That is why so many films are successful.

  2. Jim Wiegand permalink
    January 19, 2013 12:23 pm

    I have some very important information for this site. It has to do with the industry wide mortality cover-up that has been taking place across North America. It also illustrates why a wind project moratorium is badly needed in Vermont.

    Wolf Island has received a lot of publicity for the number of birds and bats killed at this site. Yesterday and today for the first time I looked over their mortality studies. What I found was that the Wolf Island Mortality studies were designed to find only a fraction of the birds killed by their huge turbines. This information is very important so the public can understand the true character of the wind industry.

    Mortality studies done years ago at Altamont pass showed that large bodied carcasses like ducks, hawks, and eagles were found at an average distance of 57 meters from much smaller turbines. These turbines had a tower or hub height of 32 meters with a rotor diameter of 33 meters. The huge 2.3 MW turbines at Wolf Island have a tower or hub height of 80 meters with a blade diameter of 101 meters. From these studies it was shown that the placement of hundreds carcasses found under different sized turbines, showed an increase in carcass distance from turbines with an increase in the size of the turbines.

    By using mathematical formulas derived from these studies, the average distance of a large bird carcass found under the 2.3 MW turbines at Wolf Island would be 101 meters from their towers. This average is far outside the search areas used. The Wolf Island mortality studies used search areas of only 60 and 50 meters. These studies clearly missed most of the carcasses. It also does not account for wandering cripples and wind personal interference.

    Everybody needs to understand that the big lie has been the wind industry’s game plan for over 28 years when headless eagles first started falling out of the sky around their turbines. Regardless of how one feels about wind energy, lying about turbine impacts should not be part of the process. It stops the public from making informed decisions.

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