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In support of wind moratorium

January 22, 2013

  • January 22,2013

    I am in support of a three-year moratorium that gives the people and legislative body of Vermont time to step back and view the impacts of  wind power projects. They need to understand the stress our friends and families have absorbed while living near them.

    Hopefully, this past election brought us senators and representatives that are aware and awake to the fact that we, as a people, need our mountains to remain whole and intact as Vermonters.

    Somehow, the governor has been blind to the destructive process that has occurred and is still occurring on our cherished ground.

    Act 250 has been shoveled aside, people have been denied a say and the divisiveness amongst our communities has reared up like a cancer.

    The governor has said some people will have to sacrifice for the greater good.Really? I don’t see him sacrificing his land, home or family to live near the towers.


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  1. Jim Wiegand permalink
    January 28, 2013 12:15 pm

    Everyone in the Northeast and on up into Ontario needs to pay very close attention to what I am about to disclose. For me it is the single biggest reason for a moratorium on wind projects in Vermont as well as the rest of North America. In my opinion the millions of bird deaths that have been deliberately under reported by the wind industry has been criminal and here is something else that is just as sinister.
    The industry has been sitting on a bird safe wind turbine design that produces far more energy. They have kept their mouths shut about it so they could keep on selling their eagle killing turbines to America.
    Here is their reasoning. This planned obsolescence keeps the profits rolling in and stimulates demand by encouraging purchasers to buy sooner if they still want a functioning product. In this case it is the ignorant saps that are still putting in 25 year bird killing projects. This postponement is why we still have dead eagles 28 years after the beginning of Altamont’s ongoing massacre. Anyone that wants to present this information to Legislators can contact me for more information. What I have said is true and I can prove it.

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