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Enough is enough

February 10, 2013

February 05,2013
Industrial wind power in Vermont represents a fleecing of the ratepayers and of those concerned about global warming. As nearly as I can tell, the advocates’ main argument for these 400-foot monstrosities is, they say, to reduce carbon and help delay global warming. What they don’t tell you is producers are paid Renewal Energy Credits sold to polluting power producers to further enable them to foul the atmosphere; so they sell dirty power and there is net zero gain on clean air.

It is what is not said by legislators, including Tony Klein, a leading legislative advocate, that harms the people’s interest in our state. There is a whole lot of manipulation of the public going on with this race to destroy our sacred ridgelines. 

As for the cost of this variable and unreliable source of power, highly paid lawyers crowd and press the PSB and protect the producers without regard to the public‘s interest, resulting in sealed contracts kept secret from the public. Cost of wind power is at least three times greater than other clean energy sources (hydro, nuclear). Where is the consideration for the average family in this costly state to produce and purchase the best price possible from these clean and efficient sources?

The PSB has no authority over the producers prices, only over retail utilities. So buyer beware. That‘s what we have for a system, let the buyer beware. Very sad.

Local governments in the areas of Rutland, Windham and Caledonia counties have produced development plans opposed to wind power’s destruction of their ridges, but the PSB is trampling local authority. Lets face it, the PSB is not really an independent board. Sadly, it’s an extension of executive privilege giving lip service to independence.

Monday, Jan. 28, Paul Burns of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group said, “Those who fight Vermont wind projects are like those who deny evolution: They are arguing against science.” He said this at Bernie Sanders’ press conference. How much more insulting can a statement be? Burns is attempting to put lipstick on a pig and call it an advancement in science.

Please Paul, take your lobbyist group home and stop trying to influence so much that should be left to Vermonters to decide. Oh, how about making available to the public VPIRG’s audited financial statements and the list of donors.

Mike Pollica

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