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No turbines on ridgelines

February 10, 2013

Feb 5, 2013   |  

My response to Sen. Bernie Sanders on how it will look if we interfere with the wind projects on our mountain ridges to other states. Are we forgetting how Vermont will look like in the near future if we don’t limit erections of such projects? The wind turbine companies don’t care what Vermont will look like, they’re only concerned about what their wallets will look like.

People move to this state for its beauty, not to be gazing at man-made eyesores. There’s always a reason for letting big business get what they want. We’re known for conservation without the OK for wind turbines. It’s up to you Vermonters.

What will you say when the wind turbines start producing electricity for neighboring states?

I’m sure there are other alternatives on where wind farms can be erected other than our beautiful mountain ridges.


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