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Letter to Derek Saari from S. Eisenberg re: Invitation to Forum May 20

May 17, 2013

Grandpa’s Knob Windpark, LLC
PO Box 2049
Manchester Center, VT 05255
March 15, 2013

Mr. Derek Saari

RE: Your Invitation to a Meeting on May 20, 2013 regarding the proposed Grandpa’s Knob Wind

Mr. Saari:
We have received the subject invitation and we decline to participate.
The Grandpa’s Knob Project is currently in hiatus and there are no definitive plans or schedule at this time.

Rest assured when plans to proceed are in place, proper steps will be taken to communicate

In 2012 there were multiple introductory meetings, communications and community outreach
with regards wind power and the potential Project. But due to a number of factors, the site plan for the Project was not finalized and we did not proceed with an application for a permit at that time. To be 100% clear no formal proposal was presented.

There exists a great deal of information in the public domain regarding commercial wind power
as well as other forms of generation. Sadly a great deal of misinformation has been propagated regarding wind power and the Project as well. Each form of generation has both positive and negative impacts on the environment and the community. At this time we still believe that the primary attributes remain in place and in our view the Project is good for both the environment and the community.

We respect the rights of all interested parties to hold and express opinions on the matter of wind power, including yours, although we note again that your outrageous actions and letters are filled with inaccuracies, unsupported claims and misleading statements. At the same time we remind you that there are many landowners and local residents who have expressed support for wind power and the Project. In addition a solid two-thirds majority of Vermonters have expressed their continued support for in-state wind power (and we note the 2012 and 2013 polls by Castleton State College regarding ridgeline wind power). Furthermore we note the actions taken in Montpelier this legislative season where efforts to adopt a moratorium on wind power by a minority in the Senate failed to gain broad based support.

In closing, we reiterate when the definitive plans for the Grandpa’s Knob Project are in place, public communications and outreach will be made.

Steve Eisenberg.

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