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Email: Derek Saari to Steve Eisenberg 5/21/13

May 23, 2013

**Update May 24, 2013

Due to several issues related to the potential threat of inclement weather,  he is regretfully postponing the May 26th event (refer to Derek Saari’s  invitation letter below).


Good Evening Mr. Eisenberg,

When I arrived home late last evening from the presentation I see that you sent via regular mail your response from the other day. I’m assuming the letter is dated May 15, 2013 and not March 15, 2013. Totally accustomed to your error filed writing. Thank you but I had already made 100 copies and dispersed your letter at the meeting. In fact, I modified my presentation to read your letter into the record. By far Mr. Eisenberg, your anticipated weak response, I must rate, as one of the top three worst letters you have produced in the last year. But this observation makes sense. Since informing the public on December 21, 2012 that you were experiencing episodes of “hiatus” and that this condition was still present on April 8, 2013 and even more disturbingly, in your above-mentioned letter to me regarding this meeting, the resulting symptoms really have impacted your already compromised writing skills. Best of luck dealing with this self-identified issue.

I have attached to maintain continuity with my extensive work on this hiatus project, a copy of the presentation from last evening. I totally understand that the individual slides may or may not be completely obvious as to their individual or collective meaning, so to overcome that perception, you will receive a CD copy of the presentation, in addition the following, the Governor, Attorney General, Public Service Board, the four affected Town SelectBoards/Committees, numerous State officials, and the lengthy list goes on. The presentation was professionally taped for your viewing convenience. There is a slide missing relative to the return phone call from Burlington Electric that I received after completion of the slides but that discussion can wait until you receive the CD.

In addition to the presentation being on the CD, this Sunday May 26th between 10:30AM and 1:00PM, the same professional video company will be on my property and the surrounding area within the limits of granted permission, to bring the presentation from last night into true environmental reality. As you recall, I warmly welcomed you on my property on October 7, 2012 similar to the invite on April 14, 2012. Unfortunately you rudely declined my October invite in your letter dated October 6, 2012. Inviting you and your development staff should never be considered what you commonly refer to as a “so-called fear tactic”, I have nothing to hide. I have done more work at 80 Payson Hill Rd in Rindge NH then you have ever done at 82 Elm St in Manchester Center VT. So once again, I’m reaching out to you and any other development team member to come to my property this Sunday. Now, I understand the repetitive statement that not even a conceptual site plan rendering remotely exists for the Grandpa’s Knob project even after seven long years but your extensive and successful development background in renewable energy as cited on your Reunion Power website, as well as, your Ruby Renewable Resource website, would be a tremendous value to the on-site portion on the CD production

To provide you and any of your invitees the legal comfort in gaining access to my property and as was the case for the no-show in October, I will waive the “Order Of No Trespass” for Old Hubbardton Road that was sent to you on July 9, 2012. This brief waiver will be between the above-listed timeframe for May 26, 2013 only, after that, the Order reverts to being in full force in effect. There will be a social period after 1:00 PM but your invite to this portion is not extended.

This invite is open to the public. I’m trying Mr. Eisenberg to allow you so many opportunities to promote the environmental and community benefits as you stated in your letter. Another no-show says so much. My property is tranquil and may ease the hiatus symptoms so please consider the opportunity.


Derek Saari’s Power Point Presentation Given in West Rutland Monday May 20, 2013:

Vermont Final Presentation

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