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Land Owner Tells His Story About Dealing With Wind Developer

May 29, 2013
D Saari Video

click on photo to see video

Derek Saari Talks in West Rutland about the Grandpa’s Knob Wind Development, May 20, 2013

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  1. Joy Loso permalink
    June 6, 2013 11:54 pm

    A big THANK YOU, Derek, for all your time and effort involved in helping everyone affected by these leeches….you are going above and beyond for all of us hoping these horrible gigantic wind turbines never come to us here on Grandpa’s Knob………..

  2. Vanessa permalink
    June 7, 2013 10:49 am

    Thanks to Derek Saari. Your persistance and your thorough work and your willingness to
    to expose the truth was pivotal. Thanks, for all this has been for you. Thanks to the landowners who arrived at clarity in the entire process this has been, dealing with the developer Reunion Power/Nordex.

    There are better (much better!), thoughtful, healthier, environmentally-responsible, climate-change-responsive, community-building ways to be locally resilient and locally sustainable than the ways proposed by Big Wind/Big Oil. We will get there. There is hope.

    Derek–thanks for your big part in exposing Industrial Scale Wind (on ridgelines)
    for what it is in our State.

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