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More Landowners Terminate Easements for Grandpas Knob Wind

February 7, 2014

Click on link below to read the recently-signed termination agreements

Pittsford Termination of Easements

West Rutland Termination of Easements

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  1. vanessa permalink
    February 7, 2014 11:56 am

    So Eisenberg has filed for termination in Pittsford.

    Let’s hope that the struggles that are occurring over trying to find enough funding for weatherization in Vermont’s homes can be shifted. IMAGINE how many homes we could weatherize if we weren’t dumping subsidy dollars into the deep pockets of developers
    of Big Wind.

    Imagine the carbon emissions that can be absorbed by forest-covered ridges. Learn from Lowell and Save the ones that remain.

    Imagine the watersheds’ work unhindered if industrial/utility/corporate-scaled developments
    aren’t allowed to run rampant over our precious high elevation ecosystems.

    Imagine the economic recovery that won’t be exacerbated when and if flooding like Hurricane Irene occurs, if we don’t allow upper elevation development to override common sense. Imagine that natural erosion protection occurs and begins in our forest-covered mountains! and these working processes SAVE us MONEY! SAVE us by absorbing carbon and water-run-off all at once!!!! WOW. NO-BRAINER here: to warrant preserving and protecting and conserving these!!!!!!!

    Imagine water quality protection and preservation for Vermont, in the face of our future. and know that upland and lowland watershed process WORK in regard to our water. WATER for the public good.

    Imagine Vermont preserving bat and bird populations as part of what we value here. Remember balanced ecosystems (including bats who feast on mosquitos!) function for the the public good’s benfit too! We should see our PART in it is to value what functions NATURALLY and preserve it! This is a value beyond what any carpet-bagging developer promises to someone!!!

    Imagine no more Vermonters wrangling with the fact that there property is worth LESS for having these turbines imposed. Though this stands to impact all the public good if one suffers this fate!!!!!

    Imagine no more families or property owners unable to enjoy the sanctuary of their homes/sole assets as some are indeed impacted in Lowell, Albany, Sheffield, Georgia Mountain,Milton, etc

    LEARN FROM what has happened. LEARN FROM LOWELL. AND SHEFFEILD. AND GEORGIA MOUNTAIN! Consider that weatherization for the little guy benefits the public good (co2 savings) more than these grand-scale follies that corporations cannot spell out the co2 savings anymore than they will tell you the $$/environemntal/social impacts of these corporate-welfare projects. Consider that small-scale solutions and small-scale sustainable agriculture and embracing the local control/sense-of-community and to-Vermont-scale (THAT IS: SMALL-scaled) backyard energy solutions can work if we look at these as potential, pivotal shifts!

    Keep Vermont solutions to scale! Do renewables right! And thanks to all who stand for the mountains and what these mountains are for Vermont!

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